Friday, April 10, 2009

Many of you have heard bits and pieces of the proposed bill HR 669, in fact there is an excellent thread here click here . Please read this for more details on the bill.

Yesterday, I was listening to Gary Orner's Blog Talk Radio show and found out that Brian Barczyk from planned to provide a video on the subject. Brian has shared so much information to the hobby and has now provided an easy way for you and I to take quick action on bill HR 669.

The video is short but to the point! Again, I would strongly suggest that you read the thread above first, educate yourself, and watch NO HR 669 Video.

I will be the first to admit that I'm not as engaged as most on this topic. This is something, as a reptile breeder, reptile keeper, or even small mammal/bird/fish keeper we should all be concerned about and should voice our opinion on. The bill HR 669 WILL affect us all. We need to be more informed and be in a position to support this bill. I hope you feel the same.

Brian has made it that much easier for us to understand and to react!


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