Monday, June 1, 2009

Meet, Greet, and Pet Get Together in SE Wisc. May 29,2009

What a great time! We met at Rob and Beth Hall's around 10:30 or so. Rob offered a brief opening discussion (focusing on asking everyone to keep reading and staying in touch with the latest activities in our hobby). Rob is ALWAYS educating. He then took folks down to his reptile area in groups (I cheated and went down multiple times to take some photos).
What a display!!! The animals were all extremely healthy, alert, awake, and ready to be pet! His tegus are unreal! So calm and gentle. Rob brought out his albino and het for albino and provided some education for the groups. Neat animals. There was so much to check out in his facility that I feel even with my multiple trips down, I missed a bunch of stuff :) Rob has designed, developed and built most of his enclosures. They are all perfect for the animals. Did I mention the alligators! WoW! We make the trip up to the living room and found more setups- bearded dragon, G. vorex, and other animals welcomed us there. Rob provided a couple of tricks from the vorex.
When all groups completed the tour, we were back up, grabbed some wonderful food (thank you again Rob and Beth for the great lunch!) and outside to talk reptiles. After some give away prizes and more reptile talking we decided to wrap it up before it got dark on us.
I hope everyone enjoyed the time with other gecko keepers, learned something new, and just enjoyed themselves- like I certainly did.
I will be putting together other MGP (Meet, Greet, and Pet) get togethers this summer and fall so stay tuned.

Please enjoy the photos (yes I was at the event even though I am not in any of the photos). Since there were so many pictures, I threw together a page...

Meet, Greet, Pet- More Pictures

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  1. Finally get to put a face with the e-mails now. Don't worry I won't hold the Earnhardt shirt against you Lol Thanks for all the help you have given me and my 4 leos. Roger W