Monday, July 5, 2010

Caring for Your Geckos Over The Holiday/Vacation

Woo Hoo! Forth of July weekend. Most of us have 3 day to celebrate, enjoy the fireworks, and did I say celebrate?!!?

If you are like me, you have family over and doing some cook outs and entertaining (or if you are lucky heading to a friends home that will be throwing a July 4th bash). How much time will we have for our geckos. Not much! But, there are a few measures to take to make sure they have a pleasurable 3 days as we will have.

1. Plenty of water. Make sure bowls are clean and filled. I make sure I do a little extra misting before the holiday as well.

2. Feeding. While I will feed before taking the break from the reptiles, I really don't worry too much about missing a feeding- related to #1, I will take 5 minutes sometime during the holiday to do a quick mist of the babies.

3. Insects- one word, CLEAN. Do that cleaning and you will not have an issue when you are ready to feed again in 3 days.

Take a few extra minutes before your holiday starts and your geckos will great you will big smiles when they see you again. Now, go out and enjoy the holiday- light a few bottle rockets, and have an extra brat for me.

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  2. Going out on a long trip is such a challenge really to do when it comes to pets which you can not always bring with you. As for my rabbit I make sure the rabbit hutch is filled with enough food and water those are every important. But if it is really a long long trip I live it to the neighborhood with complete supplies of course.

  3. Over the 4th this summer, my leos started to scale the walls when the fireworks went off (we're in a 6th floor apartment, and there was a lot of noise). One even made it onto the wire mesh ceiling!

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