Saturday, January 29, 2011

Leopard Gecko Breeding - A Little Nip Now and Then

Breeding Leopard Geckos fighting

Help! My leopard geckos are fighting. I hear that often this time of year. Keepers understand that geckos may fight if kept together, especially 2 males. and become concerned when they see their pets battling it out. However, there is a difference between aggressive fighting and the instinctual breeding behavior of nipping and nudging.
During this display the animals will grasp the other around the neck or tail area and also head push the second one. This is very common and natural. What you don't want to see is biting accompanied by violent shaking and thrashing by the over aggressive animal. With this demonstration, it is time to separate the animals!


  1. Hi my gecko just laid her second clutch of eggs (her first clutch was a dud) these ones look healthy but they are dented. I just want to know what to do since this is my first time incubating leopard gecko eggs. I am very prepared with the incubator and everything i just want to know what to do from here

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  4. I've often found that you can even place a slider (clear plastic or glass) in the cage for a couple of days and let the geckos calm down. Whilst this doesn't work every time, I have had some success with it in the past.