Sunday, August 2, 2009

1st Egg to Crack (Hatch)

Hi - to all the contestants in the Which Egg will crack first? Yesterday I was so excited when I checked the eggs in the early morning to find a "crack" (known as a hatch). Wally had left for the Wheaton show and didn't know and still doesn't know which egg cracked. I wouldn't let him anywhere near it last night either. He doesn't get to know any sooner that you do. (by the way he just left again for a show in Racine and still doesn't know) You can pass the word onto him later :)
Below is the egg that cracked on Aug. 1st AM - This is the 1st crack of the contest!

I changed the top so you
can't see the number

( isn't this fun - I will announce the winner

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