Saturday, August 1, 2009


Its been a busy morning getting Wally and Jordan on their way to the show in Wheaton. I thought now I can relax a little, but wait let me check the contest eggs first. You know the feeling that you want it to crack but at the same time you don't cause then the aniticaption is over? Well, thats how I felt each time I have gone to check the eggs this last week. However, when I opened the incubator and saw the baby I was very excited this morning! Bummer! there is no one here to share my excitement with so I decided to post to you right away. Now what fun would it be if I told you and didn't show you the baby? So watch for another post later this morning .....

PS. If you are going to the Wheaton Show could you tell Wally that a contest egg cracked! Thanks!


  1. That is just so wrong Wally!

    Glad to hear it's finally over -- congratulations to the winner!!!

  2. Don't blame Wally, he didn't have anything to do with it. He didn't even know about the hatch before he left for the reptile show this morning. He doesn't even know the number yet - I won't let him look yet! You will see pics tomorrow