Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Days at Night

Suprme Gecko Day Gecko
Our reptile facility resides in our basement.
It makes life so much easier to have all the animals together in one place for feeding and cleaning.
However, we have one enclosure in our family room. It includes 3 animals- one male and two female giant day geckos (Phelsuma grandis madagascarensis).
Late in the evening, I usually catch up on Emails, Facebook, and reptile forum reading while half-watching a game on TV. I sometimes find myself reaching for the remote to hit the mute rather than flipping channels.
It usually starts with a grumbling gargled sound coming from the day gecko tank. One bright green gecko will approach another and vocalize the fact that they are approaching the other gecko. This is followed by a bunch of head bobbing and at times licking if the two are just passing like ships in the night. Sometimes this with result however in a clicking and screeching conversation between the two and then a playful game of tag through the enclosure.
Listening, and watching this activity is a real treat! These unique animals provide so much fun that they will forever be invited into our family room space.

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