Thursday, May 14, 2009

Do You BlogTalkRadio

Have you been to BlogTalkRadio? What a great resource on reptiles! The site is made up of a bunch of radio shows. Listen live or better yet, download to your iPod or personal listening device (like I do) and listen at work... um at lunch of course!
My favorite reptile shows are-
Late Night Leo
Gary Orner
Reptile Radio with Larry and BT
and my favorite- Monster Boas
you can do a quick search on these names or just lookup reptiles for all of them

Just a quick review of one- Last night I listen live to Gary Orner from Pro Herp. Gary is getting into leopard geckos BIG TIME. It was a bunch of fun listening to his description of his care for the animals and also which morphs he is working with. I may have to download this show to listen to it again!


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