Monday, August 17, 2009

New Australian Geckos

Diplodacylus vitattus
As you know, I have been bitten by the Aussie bug! No, it's nothing like swine flu :)
The aussie bug cancan only be cured by getting MORE. MORE what you might ask? Well, more aussies.
This past weekend, i made a trade for three very cute aussies (Australian geckos).
The first is a Diplodactylus vitattus. This is a small ground gecko with a common name of Eastern Stone Gecko. I have a male and this new one is a female.... and a very gravid female at that.
The next two 'aussies' are of the velvet type. These two are are Oedura marmorata (or the Marbled Velvet Gecko). They are aboreal- living in trees- and are currently about 5 inches in length. (male displayed first, then female).

Oedura marmorata


  1. Wally, now you have to find a way to get orange in them tails

  2. I love it! What was I thinking getting a gecko without the carrot tail color :)

  3. Hi there, I'm wondering if you can help me? My boyfriend found 8 gecko eggs in a demolished shed, wondering how to care for them and do they need heat etc? Kind Regards, Paige