Saturday, November 14, 2009

Just a little something to think about ...

I was working in the facilty and found myself doing something Wally does.  Talking to the geckos!  Now when Wally does it you might hear - " Hi, there"; " you look great"; or even "boy, you are getting big!"  I only hear Wally get stern with them when he is trying to get them to sit still for pictures.  "STOP IT!"  My conversations are more like - "Please, stay in the container" ; " it's just the cleaning spoon move" ;  or just "stop it". I used to laugh when I heard Wally talking to them.   I think he genuinely talks to them and cares.   Me on the other hand tend to talk when they are moving too quick and I get scared that they will end up in my hands.  Do you think these little creatures hear us and care at all that we are there?  Is it the same thing as people who talk to their plants because they believe it helps them to grow?    Just something  to think about.

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