Friday, November 20, 2009

Oh, no you didn't ...

Feeding the leopard baby wall is normally an easy task for me.  However, they are starting to get bigger and I "the non-reptile person" AM NOT liking this.  When I feed  and water these animals I always have my black plastic spoon available to stop any 'unwanted' behavior from the leopards.  Here I am half way done with the feeding and a little leopard decides it is going to get friendly and crawl up the side of the container.  I gently guide it down with the spoon and put its food in the dish.  It decides as I am filling the water dish to climb again.  I take the spoon and put it in front of the leopard to move it down and it decides to RUN up the handle of the spoon onto my arm!!!!  I of course scream, scaring it so it just goes higher up my arm! Now tears are forming in my eyes and I have goosebumps all over. I grabbed the container and spoon pushing the animal back into its home. After I put the container back on the shelf  I sat down on the stool to recover.   Stupid gecko!  :)


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