Monday, November 23, 2009

What Does it Mean When You Find Gecko Poop on Your Work Cart

Do you notice little things that seem out of place in your geckos' enclosure or your gecko room. I do. It seems that I am in tune on where EVERYTHING should be. We have a big black rolling cart in the middle of our crested gecko area that we do our shipping, egg checking, feeder cup filling; well everything on. Walking past the cart to get the feeder cups to put Crested Gecko Diet into, I stopped. Taking two steps backward, there it was!

Sitting right in the middle of the cart was a little piece of dried gecko poop. Ewwww you might be saying. To me it said something else... Escapee!

Well the search began (after cleaning up the poop of course). It didn't take long to see that one of our screen cages was left unlatched. Yes, that was me. Two nights ago during another feed, I must have left it unlatched. Now the realization sunk in that were were not missing a crested gecko, we were probably missing two. Checking the cage and sure enough, the search was back on for TWO geckos.

About a minute passed and there was the big male- looking at us, looking at him, looking at us.
A little chasing, a little cursing, a lot of moving stuff from from under stands, more cursing, one quick scoop and he was back in the cage.

That is the good news. The bad news is that the female is still on the loose. I am not so worried as the room is contained and either later tonight or tomorrow she should be found sitting atop one of the racks, looking back at us, and just laughing her head off at us silly humans.


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