Friday, July 17, 2009

I Have A Big BUT!

I have a big BUT. I know this because it shows up everywhere and constantly gets in the way. It gets bigger and bigger as I sit around and watch the game on TV or play the latest on-line game on the computer. I would have more time with the family or get more done in the lizard room, however this big BUT stops me. It’s embarrassing because I know how to get rid of it… Just Get Up and Do Something. Sometimes though, as I sit there taking the “What 1960’s muscle car am I most like” quiz, it gets too easy to just keep sitting there… and my BUT grows and grows.

I know it’s all about setting priorities and focusing on the things that are most important. I know if I get busy and start chiseling away at these tasks, that big BUT will just disappear. It’s an EXERSISE and once started, will quickly become a habit. I know my big BUT will not go away tomorrow but I can certainly start working on this TODAY!

I think I will write an article on this “How to stop Procrastinating, Today!”.
I think I will start that article first thing tomorrow morning.


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