Saturday, July 18, 2009

Q&A- Silkworms

This is from Meg Gavinski-

Q: Are silk worms worth buying to help picky crested eaters? Or would it be a waste of time? Will they stay in a glass dish like a roach will, or will they crawl out? How many should be fed at a time/how often?
I really want to help put some weight on one of my geckos, but he refuses crickets, and roaches super creep me out.
I found a place to get silks for a decent price...I just don't know if its worth it! help!

A: This is a great question. I've worked with silkworms a couple of times (both times purchasing about 5000-10,000)!
Some animals really tore into them, most ate the worms but didn't seem to prefer them over other foods, some animals actually ignored the silkworms.
They are very inexpensive if you order them as eggs, along with the mulberry food to prepare, and have some time to manage.
My feeling with silkworms is that they are a great project to play with once or twice but there are other foods you can feed your animals to get a little weight on them. I like to use waxworms a couple times prior to breeding my females- only offering a about 4-6 a feeding. ALL animals seem to love waxworms. Note that they are a bit fatty and the animals, if fed a constant diet of them will become addicted to waxworms : Hope this helps. Wally


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