Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What goes into adding products to our store....

When Wally picks a product to add to his store or to sell at the Lizard shows he is passionate about it or he won't sell it. He uses the product and tests it before he considers selling it to others. He did this with the SHM (Supreme Hatching Material) and it has proven to be very successful for us. He used the SHM for a season of eggs hatches and saw that the material held just enough water to keep the eggs moist but not too much to water log them. I used it in all the containers for the contest eggs and the material has proven itself by keeping all the eggs stable and healthy.


  1. Just a quick comment on this note- A few years ago, I sold a product on our table for a very large vendor. I had used the product for a year and started to see female leopard geckos dropping significant weight during the breeding season. That year, I lost 3 key females! Asking around, I found that others were having similar issues. I not only stopped selling the item over the web and at shows but threw out a large inventory of the product! What I sell, I not only use but have used for years while trying as many similar products as I can.

    I firmly believe the SHM is the best product on the market, easiest to use, and is actually the least expensive as you can re-use it year after year (wash out at the end of the season). Try it once and you will never try another incubation material!


  2. Hey Wally!

    I just wanted to add to this as I use your product and absolutely love it. I had told you at a show recently I would blog on here so I could share how amazing the SHM actually is but unfortunately could not figure out this whole blogging idea. I just wanted to add that I personally have now been using the SHM for a little while and it works wonders compared to any of the other mixes I was able to find anywhere. I am by no means an expert at this yet and SHM made incubating my crested eggs so much easier knowing that the humidity would hold so well and that I didn't have to worry about eggs sitting in water. Not to mention like you have already said its cheap as I can basically use the couple bags I have and be set for the whole season and then re-use them again and again. Overall I just want to thank you for making this wonderful product available and I hope maybe by posting this it will make some people like myself who maybe are not experts but are trying to enter this field realize that there are actually a few easier ways to go about it. Thanks Again and I will be seeing you at SewerFest.